Tips and Tricks

Hair & Make-up  

I highly recommend getting your hair and make-up done by a professional for your senior pictures. My hair and make-up artist, Sadie Ross, will make sure your make-up is "photo ready" so that it shows up perfectly in your photos. What girl doesn't want their hair just perfect for their senior photos? Leave it up to Sadie to make you look stunning for your session! 

Outfits Tips

 Choosing the right outfit is key to a successful photo shoot. Keep an eye on my blog posts, every once in a while I will put together outfits that photograph well and will help you really stand out in your photos. Also check out my Pinterest boards for ideas as well. 

Do: wear layers. Layering is always a good idea. It adds depth to your photos, and makes for a variety of looks with taking off and putting on layers throughout your photo shoot. 

Don't: For men, wearing ball caps is never a good idea. They add unwanted shade to part of your face, especially the most important part, the eyes. 

Don't: Wearing logo shirts distracts from the photo. T-shirts with wording is never a good idea. 

Successful Lifestyle Newborn Photo Tips

Read my blog post about how to have a successful lifestyle newborn session. I think you will find it helpful! 

Location Tips

Read my blog post about 3 easy steps to consider when choosing the right location for you photo shoot. 

How to be more Photogenic

I have an awesome blog post on 5 easy steps to being more photogenic. I promise if you apply these steps in your photo shoot, it will be a success!