The Carter Family

Yup, your right I don’t do family photos! But when it comes to this family, I make exceptions. I have been photographing this sweet family since little miss Halle was born. I photographed her birth story and since then I have just grown to adore them. They have had such a rough go at growing their family and it breaks my heart to hear their story. They recently found out that my miraculously got pregnant on their own, and what a miracle that was! My heart bursted into a million little pieces when I found out they were expecting again. About a week or two before we were going to do this session (they were supposed to be a baby announcement session) they found out the baby no longer had a heart beat. When Gia told me, I swear my heart stopped beating. I was devastated for this amazing family.

To watch Tim and Gia be so strong and positive despite all the heartache and hardships their family has faced over and over again, they continue to stay strong and keep their chin up. They are such an inspiration to me and I pray for them daily that they will be able to grow their little family some more.