Andrew + Stella

Well if this isn't the cute little pup I ever did see! And that bowtie!!!!

I love when clients bring their fur babies along to their sessions. It makes for a fun unique session, and we don't want to forget those animals that are part of the family. 

Stella and Andrew were so fun and cheesy! I love when clients humor me and goof off and be silly with me because it makes for the best candid photos! Saratoga Springs is one of my favorite locations to shoot at. The greenery here is unreal, and I love me some water! 

Speaking of water....who want to do a super fun session at the lake and get wet?! I have this idea in my head (that I have had for a loooong time now) and I'm dying to make it become a reality! I'm looking for a high school senior, and a fun outgoing couple to make some water magic happen! Click below if your interested:)