6 Tips to Guarentee A Successful Photo Shoot!

Hey hey! So we all want that dreamy perfect photo shoot right? Of course! Thats why you are reading this blog post, so let me tell you my secrets to a picture perfect photo shoot;)

Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
  • For my newborn clients-

    • Mama, wear a dress! After having a baby we don't always feel our best, and we also usually have some unwanted baby chub that we don't want to remember, am I right? haha. So wearing a dress will hide those things we don't want to remember and flatter your beautiful body! Dresses also help add to that sweet pretty vibe we try to create with your newborn photos. 


  • Pose like a chicken. Yup, you heard me!

    • Ok, so this applies to all my clients, especially my newborn clients. You can't take your eyes off your sweet little newborn and I don't want you to! When I pose you looking down at your baby (or any client looking down), we naturally get a double chin. It happens to all of us, it's totally normal. But it doesn't look so flattering in your photos, so heres how to fix it. 
    1. Step One: pull your neck up
    2. Step Two: stick your chin forward (without pulling your whole head forward, so you don't look like a hunchback) 
    3. Step Tree: tilt your chin down. 
    • Magic! Your double chin is gone, and you look stunning. You can thank the chicken for this tip!
  • No Stressing Allowed! 

    • I hate to call out you mamas again....but lets be honest. We are the ones who stress out the most over photos because your husband is annoyed at the fact that he has to be in the pictures, the kids are not cooperating at all, and you haven't even had time to get yourself ready! It's hard being a mom, especially on picture day. haha BUT, I can't tell you how much your stress effects your pictures. My photography style is more candid and natural and fun. We will pose here and there, but for the most part my goal is to have you interacting with each other and playing and having fun making memories while I sit in the back capturing you. Thats my goal. It's hard to achieve that goal when we are stress and upset. Newborn and kids especially can sense our stress and anxiety, so mom, it's OK that your kids are messing up their hair and that baby is crying. It's ok! You don't see those things in the pictures when its all said and done. I can't tell you how many clients have told me that they thought their session was a complete fail and that they didn't get any good photos, and then after seeing their photos they would have never known that their child was not cooperating. It's going to be just fine, and down the road you will enjoy those less than perfect pictures. It's the memories that we are trying to capture:)
  • Take Off Your Shoes and Socks!

    • Yes, I know your feet are ugly, but so are your shoes and socks lol. It just doesn't look natural for in home photo shoots. Ok, I won't be so harsh on the socks because I know their are some cute trendy socks out there that can be the perfect touch to your outfit. But i'm speaking to the men and kids mostly. In home sessions are supposed to be as natural as possible, and those bare feet just complete the look:) 
  • Trendy AND Classic Outfit

    • High school seniors, for your senior photos it's always fun to go with a more trendy outfit that matches the trends of that year, and then also a more classic outfit that you won't look back on and die laughing at what you were wearing haha. 


  • Accessorize Seniors!

    • For your high school senior photos, don't forget to complete your outfit with some fun statement piece accessories! It adds interest to your photos and helps to show off your unique personality!

Well there you have it. A recipe to the perfect photo shoot! If you ever have questions or would like some pointers on something LET ME KNOW! I would love to help give more tips to put your mind at ease and make your session go smoother. Don't hesitate to ask! Follow me on Instagram because ever Tuesday is Tip Tuesday:)