Exciting News for You High School Seniors! Come see what it is!!

I have been over here biting my tongue like a little kid who can't keep a secret to save their life! I have some super exciting news for you high school seniors! 

Working with K.Allyse Films on this video was so much fun! If you need a product video done or any kind of video for that matter, contact her. She is incredibly talented!!

It has always been my dream since I started my photography business to be able to provide a wardrobe for my clients to use during their photo shoot. I know how stressful putting together outfits can be, and I want to eliminate as much stress on you as possible so that you can have a great experience. I actually came across my senior photos the other day, and yikes! (I will have to share them with you sometime if I can brave the embarrassment...) But I wish so bad that I would have had help choosing what colors would be best and styles for my senior photos. I wore a coat for heck sakes! Like what was I thinking?? 

I owe a huge thanks to My Sisters Closet Boutique for making my dream a reality for YOU! Every month the clothing items are switched out for new items so that no one ends up with the same outfit. We have anything from tops to dresses, and even accessories. Mix their items with your own items to create your unique style that is all about you!


To top off your senior photo experience, I have teamed up with a professional hair and makeup artist to give you a discounted (exclusive to wbp seniors) hair and makeup package! Who doesn't love to be pampered?? (This is another thing that should have been a priority when I did my senior photos, haha!) Sadie knows why type of makeup and colors to use to make your makeup standout and look flawless in your photos. She is incredibly talented, so bring your ideas to her and she will create some magic! 

Are you dreaming of your senior photos yet? What do you want your session to look like? What do you want to tell the world? I love working with high school seniors! You make me want to get out and do something big, or make a difference in the world. You guys are in such an exciting stage of life trying to figure out what you want to do with your life and who you want to be. You inspire me! 

The weather is starting to warm up and it's going to start blooming all around us, so lets get out and create some magic! Contact me today and we will work side by side to create the senior photo experience your dreaming of.