Miss Adeline | Utah Newborn Photographer

Man oh man am I behind on blogging! Summer has just passed me by. With a newborn of my own and a two year old, life is kicking my trash haha, so i'll take a min to try and get caught back up on blogging this summer while they are napping;) 

This sweet family won my giveaway at the beginning of the year and it was so fun to come into their home and photograph their new addition. Their  house has the cleanest look to it and it was a dream! 

How many people can say they have an albino patch of hair on their head? Not many, but this sweet little girl can say that! She has the cutest little white patch of hair in the back on her head with all her light brown hair. It was the cutest thing iv ever seen! 

She is so loved by her little brother and just loves the camera. He was showing off the whole time, and was just loving every min of being in front of the camera. Now if only my two year old was like that.....