Why Professional Hair & Make-up | Utah | High School Senior Portraits

The start of this year I am so excited to congratulate my good friend Sadie Ross on graduating from Paul Mitchel! She is incredibly talented at what she does, and I have the pleasure of adding her to my team! 

Sadie and I have known each other since Jr. High and I always known she had a talent for hair. I couldn't be more excited for her to start offering professional hair and make-up for all my clients, but especially for my high school seniors! 

What high school senior doesn't want to look picture perfect for their senior pictures?? I look back on my senior pictures, 7 years ago (holy cow!), and wish so so badly that I would have had someone dress me, do my hair, and help me out in the makeup department! haha who else wishes this? I know i'm not the only one! haha. 

So, I have teamed up with this talented women to help out each one of my seniors rock their senior pictures. Add on professional hair and/or make-up to your senior collection for an awesome price!

 Top 5 reasons to get professional hair/makeup done for your senior photos:

  1. A professional makeup artist knows the right colors and amount of makeup to put on so that your makeup doesn't wash away in the photos. A lot of the time makeup tends to fade in photos. Let a professional help you look natural and beautiful with applying the right amount. 
  2. A professional also knows what type of makeup to use so that your not glowing in your photos. A lot of makeup can make you look shiny, and every girls knows we don't want that to happen!;) 
  3. You don't have to stress about making sure you have a perfect hair day when getting your senior pictures done! Going to a professional is stress free, you get to relax and sit back while they work their magic to make you look stunning. 
  4. A professional can do a hair style or makeup look that, lets be honest, most of us can't, but dream of having in our photos. Bring your Pinterest ideas and let her create the look you dream of having! 
  5. And last but not least, who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks walking into their senior photos? Show up to your photo shoot with confidence that you are not going to regret getting your hair and makeup professionally done, and rock your senior photos! I promise you will have more confidence in front of the camera and your personality will show through in your photos much better!:) 

Check out Sadies work on her Instagram account here 

I am passionate, innovative, and artistic. This industry brings me so much excitement! I am looking forward to being creative and being a “Day Maker.” I love to learn and be inspired by different looks every day.
— Sadie Ross