Grace + Scott | Utah | Couples

"I had a flower crown made, we have to do these pictures tonight!" She said. Being the nice friend that I am, I agreed to not cancel their session, even though I had no faith that the weather was going to cooperate! haha. 

After driving over an hour going 10 under the speed limit, I finally made it to the most gorgeous canyon I have ever seen. Scott, Grace, and I sat in Scott's truck for a while trying to wait out the storm. We decided it was not going to happen so we chose to just hurry and jump out of the truck and snap a few pictures and call it good. As soon as they had got changed into their outfits the rain and wind stopped! What?! Seriously, a miracle happened guys! haha. 

I am so glad we were able to take these gorgeous pictures in the most gorgeous location I have ever been to! How have I lived in Utah my whole life and have never been up Little Cottonwood Canyon?? Well lets just say, I will make the sacrifice any time my clients want to go up there for pictures! 

It has been so fun to change up the norm, and take photos I don't typically take. I have done a couple cake smash sessions, couples, and head shots lately, and it has been so much fun! . 

Thank you Grace and Scott for showing me my new favorite place to photograph in! I hope I have many more session in the near future up there!!