Baby Gemma | Utah Valley Hospital | Birth Story | Fresh 48

When your hoping for a 6-6-16 birthday and she is born 8 minuets too late, dads a little disappointed, haha. Other than being 8 min. too late, this mama is a champ at giving birth! I was in total awe over how relaxed, energized, and how easy she made giving birth look! When I got to the hospital, I opened her door and she was just sitting up in bed getting her hair done. Her mom, mother in law, and sisters were all there chatting away with her and her cute niece was over there pampering her. Not to mention dad was pushing and moving her belly around trying to get sweet Gemma out in time to have a 6-6-16 birthday. After only like 4 pushes this babe was out! I couldn't believe it. This mom is a rock star at giving birth!! 

Baby Gemma is the definition of adorable. With one little dimple and a head full of long dark hair, it doesn't get any cuter. Her two sisters even drew her pictures to show her how much they love her already. You are so loved Gemma, welcome to this world sweet girl. 

I am so excited about the slideshows that I am now offering for birth stories. These videos make the story come together and help bring back the emotions that were felt. I'm so in love with this slideshow, come watch it!!