Why You Should Hire A Birth Photographer

I have recently started photographing birth stories and fresh 48's, boy I am glad I have had the opportunity to do so because, what an amazing experience it is . All I can say is, I absolutely 100% recommend them to EVERYONE! Everyone. Whether it is your first baby or last baby, birth stories are so powerful. Your Photographer is able to capture those raw candid emotions of you, your spouse, and your new baby unlike anyone else could. 

Looking back on my sons birth, I honestly don't remember much. When you are in the moment of birthing a baby, you are focused on one thing. That's it. You don't remember everything that is actually happening around you in that hospital room, but there are so many important moments that you don't want to miss out on. 

I hear moms say all the time, "oh my husband just took a couple pictures." Well that's great, but, you missed out on dads first reaction and the support your spouse was giving you. And not to mention that dad shouldn't have to worry about getting good pictures because he should be able to enjoy the moment as well, not fumbling over snapping poor quality pictures. 

Hiring a birth Photographer is one of those things in life that you won't look back on and say "ya we should not have got pictures of our child's birth." Face it, you will NOT regret it! 

Reasons to hire a birth photographer

I have made a list of 6 reasons why you should be hiring a birth photographer for every birth! 

1. You wont remember hardly anything. Trust me, you are exhausted, you may be in pain, and you are focused on pushing that baby out. You will not be able to remember your baby taking their first breath, their first cry, being weighed for the first time, or the cutting of the umbilical cord. You worked harder than you have ever worked before for something, so why not capture every second of that hard earned, once in a lifetime moment? 

2. What if you end up having a c-section? Some hospitals have windows or let your Photographer come into the operating room. If you end up having a c-section, you don't get to see anything! How sad is that? Sometimes you don't even get to see your baby until they are all cleaned off and wrapped up in a warm blanket. That means that you missed out on seeing your baby's first breath, cry, cutting of the umbilical cord, and your baby covered in all that vernix. Let your Photographer capture all those crucial memories in a professional way, so that you don't have to miss out on anything!  

Why hire a birth Photographer

3. We don't accidentally get the "ya yas." Birth Photographers know how to document your birth story in a respectful tasteful way. If you have a friend or husband snapping pictures, the chances of them getting your "ya yas" in the picture are pretty good! haha. No one wants pictures of that down there, and neither do you! Birth Photographers will capture your story in a beautiful way so that you won't  hesitate to share with anyone. 

4. You hired a wedding Photographer didn't you? What is more important; your wedding, or the birth of your baby? Hard question huh? Both are a once in a lifetime moment that you will never get back. You don't have a chance to redo them. I have never met a couple that didn't hire a Photographer to capture their wedding, so why is it even a question whether or not to hire a birth Photographer? Both are huge life changing moments that should be documented for you to remember, and for your children to look back on and feel like they were there. 

reasons to hire a birth photographer

5. But i'm a private person. OOOOhh girlfriend, you don't know private until you have met me! I'm as private as they come. Our job as birth Photographers is to be invisible. We try our very best to be in a corner of the room where you can't see or hear us. We don't want to interfere with the birthing process in anyway, shape or form. A good birth Photographer will make themselves as hidden as possible and not interfere with any emotions going on in that room. And for goodness sake's, you will end up with about 6 labor and delivery nurses in your room helping anyways. Your privacy was out the window 9 months ago! 

Birth Photography

6. You WILL regret not getting a birth Photographer. So many people that I talk to always say "I wish I would have hired a Photographer" or "I wish I hadn't been so cheap." Both statements just kill my little heart. I literally die a little inside at the thought of someone not capturing a once in a lifetime moment. The number one reason why they didn't hire a Photographer is because they didn't want to invest in one. I get it. I really do. I know Photography can get a little pricey, so here is my solution. Save. If you want to be able to show your children their first time taking a breath, or what they looked like right when they were born, or how much they weighed, and the priceless emotions of their parents when they saw them for the first time, then you need to save your money. Your children will want those pictures without a doubt. Save your money so that you can invest in a professional Photographer that knows what they are doing and how to get those amazing shots, and someone who can provide good quality photos. You will cherish those photos for years to come. When your children are grown and going off to college, you can pull those photos out and have a flood of emotion come over you of how you felt when you held your baby in your arms for the very first time. 

Mom's, don't miss out on a birth Photographer. This is such an amazing time of life and you don't want to forget it.