Miss Emily | Senior Pictures | Utah County

I am so excited about this new location Emily and I tried out on her senior pictures! My mom and I were at the greenhouse the day before getting flowers for my mom and as we were walking around I was like, I HAVE to take pictures here! Emily trusted me to try it out, and I'm so glad she did because I'm drooling over her pictures. I love the fresh, bright summery look it gives to my photos. If I had to choose a favorite color for photography it would be white. Ya, I said it haha. Most photographers stay away from white, and I absolutely love it! As I capture and edit my photos I try to give them that bright, airy, fresh look, and this greenhouse helped me out a ton! 

I am sad this is my last class of 2016 senior pictures, but I cannot wait to help the class of 2017 feel beautiful and confident as they go off to bigger and better things! I will be booking 2017 seniors starting in June. If your wanting the summer greenery look to your photos, then make sure to book this summer because everything is still dead in the spring. 

I wish you the best of luck at college Emily! You are going to do big things.