Baby Carter's Birth Story | Utah County | American Fork Hospital

What an amazing experience it was being able to be apart of this little miracles story. The Carters have been trying for a baby for 9 years! After doing IVF they finally got pregnant with their little miracle. When I talked to Gia about photographing their birth story, she told me she was NOT ready to be done being pregnant. She has loved every min. of being pregnant. Who could blame her right? After 9 years, I bet she was so thankful to be pregnant everyday. Even when I was at the hospital she kept saying, i'm not ready to be done being pregnant. She has loved every min! 

After 16 hours of labor in the hospital their sweet baby girl finally arrived! Gia did such and amazing job during it all. Her and her husband were so calm and anxiously awaiting their miracles arrival. 

I know this sweet little girl is going to be spoiled and loved so much by everyone! After painting her nursery 4 times and 11 pairs of baby moccasins,  I think it's safe to say that she is well loved, and very much spoiled already;) 

Tim and Gia have created the perfect little family for themselves. Watching those two waiting for the birth of their baby girl was the cutest! You could tell they love their life together, and this experience has really brought them closer together. 

Gia and Tim have been through a lot the past couple years. Gia's mother, father, and grandfather all died of colon cancer within 5 years of each other. Gia has lost majority of her loved ones within a very short amount of time. With going through their IVF journey, and losing parents, grandparents, siblings, and a WHOLE lot of medical complications, it has been quite the emotional roller coaster for them, as you can imagine. I am so happy for them that they have started a new chapter in their lives with bring their miracle baby into this world. Their lives are about to be filled with so much happiness. I couldn't be more happy for them, and thankful that I was able to be apart of their amazing story. 

Tim and Gia started a YouTube channel about their IVF process called Carter Love. You can check out their journey here