6 Steps to being more Photogenic

Most women complain that they are not photogenic. Yes, I am one of them! I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front;) 

So today, I am going to give you 5 easy steps that will help you be more photogenic! 

1. Practice in front of the mirror. I know this sounds silly, but it works I promise! Go lock yourself in the bathroom, and pretend you have a photographer in front of you. Practice posing in different angles, and with different hand placements. When your photographer says, ok I want you to do something like this _________, you will be ready rock that pose, because you already practiced it! 

2. Move. After the photographer has placed you in a pose, let them snap a picture and then make a slight move. Switch your hand position, look in another direction, laugh, play with your hair, etc. Just make little movements to act more natural for you and keep moving! 

5 ways to be more photogenic

3. Take a deep breath. Right before the photographer takes your picture, take a deep breath and let it out. As you are letting out your breath, let yourself give a natural smile. Don't force the smile, just let it happen as you exhale.  Also, when you have finished exhaling, leave your body right where it stopped at. Don't continue to move your shoulders after your breath is gone. When you exhale your body will stop right where it is most natural. This helps so that you don't look tense and awkward in your pose. Breath and relax! 

4. Laugh. I can't stress enough how much laughing in photographs make your look more natural. Have fun! Don't be shy and awkward haha. Have fun with your photographer. I am no comedian by any means, but I'm pretty good at making fun of myself, resulting in getting a client to laugh. Be silly, have fun, and let your personality shine!!

5 ways to be more photogenic

5. If it bends, bend it! Standing straight onto the camera looks un-natural and is not flattering for women. Bend that knee and place your weight on your back leg. Bend your elbows, straight arms are awkward! Tilt your head slightly to the right or left. Relax and bend your body! 

5 ways to be more photogenic

6. Act like a chicken. What??? Ok, let me explain. You know how chickens walk around pulling their head in and out (usually when they are eating)? Well that's what I want you to do, haha. By sticking your head/chin out and down just slightly, will not only eliminate a double chin, but it makes you look more confident. No one want to look up your nose in your pictures, and no one wants a double chin. Problem solved;) 

 5 ways to be more photogenic

So there you have it, easy right? I promise if you remember to do all of these things you will shock yourself at how photogenic you are! I love to be silly and have fun, so be silly with me, and I promise you will rock your photo shoot! 

I hope you are all thinking about senior pictures, this time of year is such a pretty time to get your pictures done! Contact me, and I will help you rock your senior pictures!!