3 steps to choosing the perfect location for your photo shoot

3 steps to choosing the perfect location

Choosing a location for your photo shoot can be a hard choice. Not only is it hard to think of places but not all locations work for taking photos. 

I love to help my clients choose a location for their photo shoot, but deep down I feel like they might be happier with their photos if they choose the location themselves. So I have put together 3 key factors to remember when choosing a location. I hope this will help you be more confident in choosing a location that fits you best. I have a couple 'go to' locations that I love to shoot at, but I want to make sure we are choosing a location that fits you and your personality to a "T" so that you can feel confident and comfortable during your photo shoot. 

  • Lighting- Lighting is CRUCIAL to creating beautiful photos. The very first thing I  think about in choosing a location is if there is going to be enough lighting to make for beautiful photos. Examples of some 'good lighting' locations are; large open fields, anywhere with natural reflectors, such as, white walls/buildings, and pretty much anywhere that is not blocking the sun.

 Along with lighting, there are two very important times of the day that are the best to take photographs in. They are, an hour after sunrise, and an hour before sunset. That is because the lighting is not too harsh and doesn't create unwanted shadows on your face. When I photograph up the canyon I usually schedule the photo shoot two hours before sunset because the sun sets sooner up in the mountains and the mountains block the sun a lot more. 

  • A meaningful place- Choose a location that means something to you. Are you a lover of the outdoors? If so, where is your favorite spot to go? What hobbies/interests do you have? Where is it that you do those hobbies/interests at? I want my seniors to choose a location that represents who they are. I want your photos to reflect you and your personality. 
  • Keep it simple- In my opinion it is best to choose a location that is simple. When you look around is there a lot going on? A lot of people, buildings, cars, signs, etc. can take away from the subject, which is YOU! Choose a location where the background of your image is simple and makes you stand out. 

I hope these 3 easy steps help you when deciding on a location. If you can answer yes to each of these steps when thinking of a location then it will be the perfect location for your senior photos! (Don't think you are on your own when choosing a location, I am always here to give ideas and suggestions!)