Miss Emery Kate

Oh how I love my cute little nieces! McKinley is the best big sister to Emery. She wanted to hold and kiss on her the whole time. I am so happy to have Emery join the family, she is so sweet.  And this nursery though! I love how simple and sweet it is, it fits her just perfect:)

If you guys are debating between posed/prop newborn photos and lifestyle photos, I obviously HIGHLY recommend lifestyle photos. Every time you look back on these photos you are going to remember how you felt holding that sweet little newborn and how they smelt and their sweet little cry. You are going to be flooded with memories that aren't going to last long, and that you don't want to forget! You are going to love that you have professional photos of big brother/sister and their reaction to their new baby brother/sister. These memories are priceless, I promise you will be so happy you chose lifestyle over posed newborn photos. (and 5-10 years down the road, you are going to laugh at those silly props and outfits they are wearing haha! Lifestyle newborn photos are timeless, they will always be in style).