Custom Products Just for You!

Hello hello! When I went to the mail box today It was like Christmas morning!! I am SO excited to share with you what you will be getting when you invest in me! 

I am slowly but surely working on creating custom samples of all the products I offer, so that you can see exactly what you are getting, and what AMAZING quality all my products are. You guys, I don't sell anything that is not heirloom worthy. That means all my products I offer you are going to last you 100+ years! You will be able to pass down these very special moments for many generations. It is so important to me that I help you document your once in a life time occasions so that your kids, and their kids, and their kids will be able to look back and share those special moments with you. Lets make these moments last forever! 

So today I am showing you a little bit of what I offer to every one of my awesome clients. Everyone that books a session with me will receive this super cute cork in a bottle USB drive with their digital images on it. How fun is this?! 

Can I just say how BEAUTIFUL these matted 5x7 prints are?! Seriously you guys, when I opened these up my jaw dropped. I am so impressed with the quality and the beauty of these custom prints that I hope everyone of you gets! You will not be disappointed with these prints. 

I tried to show in these images the texture these metallic prints have, and the rich color. Check them out!  

Well there is a little peek at what I have to offer you. I know for a fact you will be so happy you invested in these heirloom products. You wont find anything like them else where. 

Stay tuned for my next product reveal;) 

Whitney Bufton