Why I do what I do

Every photographer has the same story of why they became a Photographer, for the most part. I'm not any different. I became a photographer for the same reason the girl down the street became a Photographer. Because I love creating lasting memories and it's fun to me. 

So why did I chose to specialize in lifestyle newborns and senior portraits? Well this reason might be a little bit different than every other photographer out there. 

At the end of 2015 I was looking back on my first year of becoming a Photographer and how proud I was of where I had gotten that year with my hobby. I had slowly turned my hobby of being a Photographer into a small, tiny, partial business. Wow, I never thought that would have happened, at all! 

As I reflected on all the photo shoots I had done that year I started to think what ones made the biggest impact on me, and what ones did I stress about the most? I started to realize that I didn't enjoy taking family photos, but I absolutely fell in love with taking lifestyle newborn photos. What? That doesn't make any sense Whitney, lifestyle newborn sessions are pretty much family pictures....? It didn't make sense to me either! Why did I like indoor family photos and not outdoor family photos? Trust me, I was just as confused as you are, until I really sat down and compared the two. It came down to the simple word, lifestyle.

Lifestyle family photos to me, just seemed more real, more authentic, more emotion, more true feeling, more natural. My sessions just seemed to come together better, the families I was photographing didn't feel awkward in front of the camera, they didn't stress about how their posing was, they didn't say "look and the camera and smile!"  Everyone felt relaxed and natural  in their own environment. I knew right then that was the key factor why I hated family photos, but LOVED lifestyle newborn photos. 

The emotion and feelings that come out in parents and siblings while holding and kissing their new bundle of joy is priceless. There is nothing like it. Those reactions, those feelings, those emotions will never be able to be reenacted. Newborns are only newborns for so long and that is why I chose to become a lifestyle newborn Photographer. I want to capture those authentic moments and freeze them in time. 

So what does senior portraits have to do with all this authentic emotions blah blah blah stuff you love so much?? 

I'll be completely honest, it has NOTHING to do with the same reason I love lifestyle newborn photos. Haha. I do senior portraits because it's fun! It lets me be a teenager again, and lets me bring out my creative crazy side once in a while. I love to see a teen starting to figure out who they are and who they want to become. There is just something about that age that is exciting. It's like starting your life fresh again. You get to chose for yourself where you are going, what you are doing, and who you are going to become in this world. 

I want to help seniors feel confident in themselves before they are thrown out into the world on their own. I want to give them that boost of confidence that they need. My mission is to make all my senior clients feel like they can do and accomplish anything! I want them to sit back and let me and my team fix them up so they feel like a million bucks! I feel like confidence starts with the way you look. If a teen feels beautiful in their own skin then they are going to be that much more confident when they enter the world on their own. 

So, there you have it. It's nothing completely different than the next Photographer, but to me, it's important and it's my passion. I would love to capture every family's unique relationship with their new miracle in a beautiful unique way. It's important to me that you have those memories preserved for lifetimes to come. That is why I do the Photography that I do. 



Whitney Bufton