Miss Becca

This girl could be a model! For reals. She is so photogenic, I didn't even have to help her much. It was so fun to do a session that was a little out of my comfort zone. I have never shot in a city before in the middle of winter, haha, but I absolutely LOVE how these photos turned out. It was so fun to experiment and get out of my comfort zone.

As we were taking pictures in her adorable dress, with numb limbs, and about 27 degrees out side, an old man walked past us and was like "do you think it is summer or something?! Geez!" haha, what you do to get the pictures you want right? Thank you Becca for being a trooper and letting me be apart of your graduation. Love you gorgeous cousin! 

....I want to share them all! This is so hard to chose just a few....haha