Hales Family

Before I make your jaws drop over this perfect family, let me just tell you how funny and cute this family is. 

When I got to their house the oldest boy was laying right next to baby Grahm just talkin' away at him. I don't think there is any lack of love for this sweet baby in this home! The youngest on the other hand, did not want to wear what his mom wanted him to! haha. I love the age of "I wear what I want!" Well, as you can see he put on the shirt that mom wanted him to wear because Santa was no longer going to come to their house if he didn't. haha Dad even got on the phone and called Santa and told him that Maddox was being naughty! What we do to bribe our kids into doing what we want right?? And, then cute little Rafe couldn't stop kissing his baby brother. It was the sweetest! 

After the boys were done taking pictures, they thought that they needed a reward for it, so they went out and opened a present under the Christmas tree while I was photographing mom and dad!! haha I shouldn't have laughed, but I couldn't help myself! I love these little boys they are the greatest:) 

As you can see this mama is out numbered 5 against 1! She claims she is done, and not going to try again for a girl, but we will see about that ;) With the adorable babies they make, I think they need to keep going! 

Congratulations on another precious baby boy! He is already so loved...clearly:)