Miss Jane | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

Where do I even start with this dreamy high school senior session?? From Jane's outfits to accessories, to hair and make up, to locations- this senior session was a photographer dream! I did not want to stop shooting! We had so much fun capturing her senior pictures. 

I am on the lookout for more gorgeous greenhouses in Utah County, so if you know of one let me know! I would love to do more photo shoots in greenhouses. They are just perfect for any kind of session. Aaannndd...I FINALLY got to shoot in an orchard with the blossoms! Woop woop! lol I have been wanting to year after year, and I just miss it every year, so I couldn't have been happier that she wanted to do her senior pictures in a blooming orchard. 

I just had to share photos of Jane's Signature Book that came with the senior picture collection that she chose. I am a firm believer of printing your photos. Keeping your photos on a USB or on the computer doesn't do anything for you. You can't enjoy them and others can't either. Getting your photos made into stunning albums, prints, wall hanging, etc. is the only way to enjoy and get the most out of the photos that you paid good money for. You and many generations after you will be able to enjoy your photos and cherish them for a lifetime. You can't do that with digital photos. 

Check out this beautiful album of Jane's senior session! Past clients contact me if you would like to print your photos, or if you would like your session put into a stunning album! 

Miss Lexee | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

This pretty lady was my last 2017 senior of the year! I can't believe it's already over, but I can't wait to start photographing the class of 2018! I will be booking the class of 2018 starting June 1st so make sure you book your session this summer. Summer is my favorite time of the year to photograph because of the endless possibilities of locations, so much greenery, and beautiful weather. 

I think Miss Lexee was the perfect end to the class of 2017. She was so fun to work with. Love my seniors!! 

Josh | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

You guys! I am in love with this session!! I don't do very many male senior pictures, but when I do- they are on. point! haha. It was so much fun photographing this guys. The last time I saw him I was babysitting him and his siblings and he was like 4 or 5 years old! I can't believe that I am now taking his senior pictures. Time flies! 

Enjoy this fun soccer session that i'm in love with!! 

Remember class of 2018, I will be booking for next year starting June 1st! The summer before your senior year is not too early to get your senior pictures done. Summer is my favorite time of the year to photograph seniors. Locations are endless, weather is perfect, and much greener and in bloom than spring. So get your session book with me during the summer! You won't regret it:) 

Miss Ally | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

This girl is so beautiful inside and out! I had a blast taking her senior pictures in downtown Provo. Provo has so many fun little locations that you can find that make each session unique. 

Ally is so fun and is just the sweetest little thing! haha. I absolutely love my seniors, you guys are the best! I keep saying seniors are such a fun age, and I am so lucky to be able to get to know them and be inspired by them. They help me still feel young;) 

Become a WBP senior this coming year! I will start booking the Class of 2018 starting June 1st so don't miss out! Summer is my favorite time of the year to take senior pictures because of the endless options of locations. Spring is beautiful, but the weather is flaky and not as green as summer is, so get your senior pictures done this summer!! 

Kiley + Bryce | Couples Photography | Utah Photographer

Can I just say how much fun photographing couples is?! It almost makes me want to become a wedding photographer so that I can do more...but not quite;) haha. 

Kiley and her husband are just the cutest couple and were cracking me up the whole session! I worked with Kiley a couple years ago and she got voted "class clown" because there is never a dull moment when she is around! She is the funnest! 

Enjoy this fun session and their adorable fur children:) 

Miss Lyndsey | Senior Photos | Utah Photographer

How fun is this girl?! I am loving her unique style that she wears so confidently. The best part of photographing high school seniors is that they are not afraid to have fun and be themselves. I just love the senior age and love getting to know them and what they have planned for their future. I bet you would never guess that this girl builds houses! I was completely shocked when her mom started bragging about her! She is in the middle of building a home from the ground up right now and I couldn't be more impressed! She also has volunteered in their world countries. This girl is going somewhere! 

My amazing hair and makeup artist Sadie Ross did her fun hair and beautiful makeup for this shoot! Doesn't her lip color just make those pretty blue eyes pop?! Don't forget to get your hair and makeup done for your senior photos! 

Miss Madeline | Utah Photographer | LDS Baptism Photos

Turning 8 years old is such a special time in a childs life, especially if you are LDS. I can remember when I was younger that my 8th birthday was my favorite birthday growing up. I can't tell you exactly why, but maybe because choosing for yourself to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is such a big deal. You feel important and like you have made a lot of people proud of you at such a young age. 

Madeline has such a sweet spirit and it definitely shines through! She totally killed her baptism photo shoot! Congratulations on your baptism day pretty girl! 

Why Professional Hair & Make-up | Utah | High School Senior Portraits

The start of this year I am so excited to congratulate my good friend Sadie Ross on graduating from Paul Mitchel! She is incredibly talented at what she does, and I have the pleasure of adding her to my team! 

Sadie and I have known each other since Jr. High and I always known she had a talent for hair. I couldn't be more excited for her to start offering professional hair and make-up for all my clients, but especially for my high school seniors! 

What high school senior doesn't want to look picture perfect for their senior pictures?? I look back on my senior pictures, 7 years ago (holy cow!), and wish so so badly that I would have had someone dress me, do my hair, and help me out in the makeup department! haha who else wishes this? I know i'm not the only one! haha. 

So, I have teamed up with this talented women to help out each one of my seniors rock their senior pictures. Add on professional hair and/or make-up to your senior collection for an awesome price!

 Top 5 reasons to get professional hair/makeup done for your senior photos:

  1. A professional makeup artist knows the right colors and amount of makeup to put on so that your makeup doesn't wash away in the photos. A lot of the time makeup tends to fade in photos. Let a professional help you look natural and beautiful with applying the right amount. 
  2. A professional also knows what type of makeup to use so that your not glowing in your photos. A lot of makeup can make you look shiny, and every girls knows we don't want that to happen!;) 
  3. You don't have to stress about making sure you have a perfect hair day when getting your senior pictures done! Going to a professional is stress free, you get to relax and sit back while they work their magic to make you look stunning. 
  4. A professional can do a hair style or makeup look that, lets be honest, most of us can't, but dream of having in our photos. Bring your Pinterest ideas and let her create the look you dream of having! 
  5. And last but not least, who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks walking into their senior photos? Show up to your photo shoot with confidence that you are not going to regret getting your hair and makeup professionally done, and rock your senior photos! I promise you will have more confidence in front of the camera and your personality will show through in your photos much better!:) 

Check out Sadies work on her Instagram account here 

I am passionate, innovative, and artistic. This industry brings me so much excitement! I am looking forward to being creative and being a “Day Maker.” I love to learn and be inspired by different looks every day.
— Sadie Ross

Kaitlyn | High School Senior Photos | Utah | Artist Photo Shoot

I had the privilege to work with this very talented painter the other day! It was incredible to watch her passion for painting as she made each little brush stroke. She definitely inspired me to put my uniqueness into my own art of photography. She said her passion is people, but recently discovered a new love for painting animals. She has been working so hard at school to earn her degree as an artist. She is going places people! 

You can check out her amazing work on her Instagram account here. She is currently in the process of finding a place to sell her work, so keep an eye out for that! 

2017 Goal Accomplishment | Utah County Photographer

As I planned out 2017 for my business, I wrote down all the goals that I wanted to be able to accomplish this year to grow my business. One of my goals was to get my work good enough to be at least featured by a photography blog or organization. 

On my photography Instagram account, I follow so many amazing photographers that I look up to and want to become like one day, and also many photography business/organizations that feature talented photographers work and help them show off their work to more people. This helps photographers gain credibility as a photographer. I have always dreamed of getting one of my images chosen to be featured on these blogs/accounts. 

Well, as you have probably seen if you follow me, I recently have had TWO of my images featured on the Life and Lens Blog. You guys, TWO! My goal was to only get featured at least once this year (because it's really hard to get featured) but already I have had two different images from this year featured. You should have seen my happy/shocked/in denial dance I did when I found out my image was featured. Seriously a dream come true haha. 

I know this is probably something that happens to big time photographers on a daily basis, and it's no big deal, but to me it was a huge deal. It helps me feel like I have come a long ways from when I first started doing photography and that all the hard work and long hours I have put into my work and creating a business is finally starting to go somewhere. 

Check out the Life and Lens Blog to see my image that was featured. Click on the photos below! 

First featured image

First featured image

Second featured image

Second featured image

Milk Bath | 6 Month Photos | Utah

What a blast it was photographing this adorable six month old cutie! This was my first time doing a milk bath shoot, and well, I think I am hooked!! How gorgeous are these photos? It doesn't get better than fresh flowers and fresh babies. 

If you are looking for six month photo shoot ideas, here is a great option! There's not a whole lot of things you can do with six month olds, because they aren't as mobil and steady yet, so I am in love with this idea! I think it's safe to say all babies love baths, so what better way right??

Contact me today to set up your babes six month photo shoot! 

OH! And those eye lashes?! Like seriously? Just beautiful. 

Couples Valentine Mini Sessions | Utah

I am so excited to start my very first mini session! I thought it would be fun to do something unique, and since I can't get enough of in home couples sessions, I thought it would be fun to do couples in home valentine mini sessions! 

What better way to give your lover a unique Valentines Day gift than to capture your love for a lifetime? You will look back on these photos when your old and be so happy you were able to freeze your true emotions towards each other in time. This is a gift that will last a lifetime and will be able to bring back all those feels you have for each other! 

Mini sessions are limited, only 4 Saturdays left before Valentines day, so book yours today! Surprise your lover with a mini album full of your photos to cherish forever. This is a gift you will never regret! 

Couples Valentine Mini Session Ideas:

Playful/romantic cooking/baking session 

Romantic cuddle session

Fun/playful pillow fight session

Activities unique to the two of you

Maternity session

First home/apartment session

Sexy lounging session

The possibilities are endless!! Lets have fun and capture your love in a unique way that you will both cherish throughout your life. Contact me today to book your Mini Valentines Day Session. 

Couples Valentine Mini Session, Utah






In Home Couples Photo Shoot | Utah

In home couples session have got me drooling over here! I can't get enough of them!! It is so fun to be in your own environment and be able to interact with your loved one the way you normally would. Capturing your love is such a special thing that the both of you are going to cherish for the rest of your lives.

How fun would it be to look back on a session like this when you are old and be able to bring back those playful/loving memories you had when you were newly weds? 

I love the story and mood that these photos give. Thank you Alex and Makayla for letting me capture you two! It was beyond a blast:) 

If you are wanting to have a photo shoot like this with your loved one, you are in luck! From now until February 4th I am booking Valentine mini sessions. Let me capture your unique love to remember for a life time. There is no better gift you could give that special someone. Concat me soon because spots are limited! 

2016 Favorites | Utah Photographer

What an incredible year it has been for my business! I seriously can't tell you guys what amazing clients I have, and have met this last year. I feel so blessed to be able to meet so many great people and create friendships through doing what I love most. 

One of the biggest confidence busters was having the privilege to photograph the Miss Salem contestants. Each one of those girls deserved to win! I am so proud of the 2016 Miss Salem Royalty. Each one of them is so talented and have the biggest hearts. Thank you for choosing me to photograph such a wonderful event! 

I can't wait to incorporate heirloom products to each of my collections. It is so important to have tangible products from such a special moment in your life to pass down from generation to generation. I can't wait to share with you the gorgeous products I have to offer you in 2017! 

Lets all have a fantastic new year! What are your goals for 2017? I would love to hear! Comment below:) Thank you so much for a wonderful year, I owe it all to you guys! 

Some of my favorite sessions in 2016, soooo hard to choose just 9!! 


Richard + Gabrielle | Couples Photography | Utah

So excited to announce that I am now adding couples photography to my portfolio this coming year!!! I have absolutely fallen in love with photographing couples. It is so fun to capture each couples unique love. 

This past weekend I shot this couple in their cute little apartment with a lifestyle shoot. It was so natural and unique to them. They are completely obsessed with their cute dog (who wouldn't be??) so it was something new to me to photograph an animal, and I don't think it could have turned out any cuter. Their dog has his own Instagram account! haha I could tell because he was all about getting his picture taken. He was Mr. Photogenic! 

One of my favorite things about photographing couples is hearing about their love story and how they met. Gabbie and Richard were high school sweethearts, they have such a sweet love story. 

For those of you who love this lifestyle couples sessions, I have something I am working on coming up in 2017 so stay tuned!! I can't wait:) 

I want to thank all of my clients and followers for an incredible year. I wouldn't be where I am today in my business without you. I wish I could thank each one of you personally, but know that I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I love reading your testimonials and comments on my photos, it seriously melts my heart and makes me teary-eyed sometimes! Thank you, thank you!! 

I'm excited to see what 2017 has in store for my photography business. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and I will see you next year! 

Ross + Kari | Couples Photography | Utah

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE couples photo shoots! This session was a dream. Miss Kari brought some adorable Christmas props that really brought the whole session together. Kari and her husband are still completely in love with each other and couldn't have been any cuter, they totally made the session easy on me! 

It was an honor to photograph Miss Kari. She is a very talented videographer here in Utah County. Give her a follow over at @k.allysefilms 

I want to wish all of you a ver Merry Christmas! I hope this season is full of happiness and love. Cliche I know, but I mean it. I hope everyone has someone to love or be loved by and that you can find happiness throughout your day. This time of year is my favorite because of the joy you can find on anyones face anywhere you go, and the happiness the simple little things can bring someone. Make an effort this season to show someone you care about them and you are thinking of them. It can be a hard time of the year for some, but every one of us can change that for someone. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I can't wait to see what next year brings!! 

Baby Brighton + Baby Skyler | Lifestyle Newborn | Utah

Where do I even start on this session? I am absolutely in love with this lifestyle newborn session I did a couple weeks ago. I love the perfection and simplicity of this nursery. My clients are so talented and have the funnest nurseries! 

The natural lighting in this little house was perfection. There is nothing I love more than beautifully light homes. It makes for the prettiest photos:) One day, I hope to have an in home studio with gorgeous natural lighting! 

Prepare yourself, for baby hunger to kick in with these two adorable twins as you look through their session! It was so fun to watch their little personalities shine through already. They are completely different haha, and you could tell! 


Miss Sydney | High School Senior Pictures | Utah

Downtown Provo is one of my favorite places to do photo shoots! It has become pretty popular with my seniors, and I love it!! There are so many fun little spots all over the city. I love the uniqueness it gives my clients. 

How pretty is miss Sydney? Her beautiful hair and makeup goes to the talented Megan Greenhalgh! Each of my high school senior packages include hair and make-up done by some very talented girls. 

Finish out your senior year strong cute girl! Your going to do big things:) 

Noah's Senior Pictures | Utah

I can't believe it is December already! Where did fall go?? This fall was such a busy couple months with photo shoots that I couldn't keep up with blogging each session! I'll do my best to back track and catch up;) 

Can I just tell you how much fun it was doing male high school senior pictures?! It was a blast! It was so fun to mix it up and try something I don't do too often. 

Noah was so cool and fun to photograph. He has such a fun style about him! Check him out!!