Mis Sydnee | High School Senior Photos | Utah Photographer

This cute girl won my senior photo giveaway and it was so much fun to collaborate with so many talented ladies. I know you are all wondering where in the world her stunning flower crown came from, well let me tell you! Janae from Diamond Tip Design did an incredible job on her flower crown. I can't tell you guys how incredibly talented she is, so just go take a look at her work here or here and see for yourself! 

Isn't her hair the cutest?! Well another talented lady did an amazing job on her hair. You can go take a look at her work as well here

And that makeup! Yes Miss Sydnee got a full day of pampering, and i'll admit, I was a little bit jealous of her haha. Go take a look at this talented makeup artist here! She also does an amazing job at hair too:) 

Thank you all who were involved in this high school senior giveaway. I think it came together perfectly! 

Mommy & Me | Utah Photographer

Mommy and Me sessions are just the best! They are so fun and so unique. I loved the look/style this mom was going for. She wanted a pretty bohemian style and her and her girls rocked it! I couldn't be more happy with this session. 

I just can't get over how pretty these girls are. Natural beauty all around. Contact me today to schedule your mommy and me session!

Martinez Family | Utah County Photographer

Well they must be special or something;) I don't photograph families just because I don't enjoy it honestly, but when you are family they make me make exceptions;) lol 

I loved every min of this session tho! Lavender fields are always a good idea! How cute is my nephew? Ya, i'll photograph you little man. 

Seth + Chelsea | Utah Couples Photographer

Adorable couple alert!!! Are they not stunning? It was a dream to photograph these two in the dreamiest location. I loved every second of it! 

These poppy fields in Alpine will always be one of my favorite locations. Next spring lets do lots of sessions in them ok?? Haha, but really! 

Well, feast your eyes on this cute couples photo shoot. I love photographing couples!!

Aaron + Kaeley | Utah Couples Photography

Oh what a dream it was to photograph in these gorgeous poppies!! I have been envying everyones poppy photos for a couples years now, and this year I made it a goal to get up there and shoot in them! 

It helped that I had a cute brother in law and soon to be cute sister in law that I borrowed to model for me;) haha didn't they rock it?! 

I LOVE photographing couples, so anyone needing photos hit me up! I would love to capture your love:) 

Mr. Cooper | Utah Cake Smash Photographer

Oh this boy is just too sweet! He was so shy during pictures, but cooperated like a champ! I love this cute little smile, once he showed me it, I was dead! He just melted my heart. 

His smart little mom brought little cupcakes for him to eat. It was so fun getting to photograph this one year old. I love mixing up my usual photo shoots with fun ones like this! Thanks for letting me capture you Cooper:)

Miss Adeline | Utah Newborn Photographer

Man oh man am I behind on blogging! Summer has just passed me by. With a newborn of my own and a two year old, life is kicking my trash haha, so i'll take a min to try and get caught back up on blogging this summer while they are napping;) 

This sweet family won my giveaway at the beginning of the year and it was so fun to come into their home and photograph their new addition. Their  house has the cleanest look to it and it was a dream! 

How many people can say they have an albino patch of hair on their head? Not many, but this sweet little girl can say that! She has the cutest little white patch of hair in the back on her head with all her light brown hair. It was the cutest thing iv ever seen! 

She is so loved by her little brother and just loves the camera. He was showing off the whole time, and was just loving every min of being in front of the camera. Now if only my two year old was like that.....

Miss Cora | Fresh 48 | Utah Photographer

Watching little Miss Cora's big sister come to meet her made me tear up a bit! It was seriously the sweetest thing i'v ever seen. She was so surprised and just in awe of her new baby sister. Mom said at home she told her that her baby sister would have green skin and purple hair. We asked her if she was right, and sure enough she was still convinced that she was going to have purple hair and green skin. haha. 

It just melts my heart to capture such special once in a life time moments for sweet families. Let me capture your next special moment! 

Miss Jane | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

Where do I even start with this dreamy high school senior session?? From Jane's outfits to accessories, to hair and make up, to locations- this senior session was a photographer dream! I did not want to stop shooting! We had so much fun capturing her senior pictures. 

I am on the lookout for more gorgeous greenhouses in Utah County, so if you know of one let me know! I would love to do more photo shoots in greenhouses. They are just perfect for any kind of session. Aaannndd...I FINALLY got to shoot in an orchard with the blossoms! Woop woop! lol I have been wanting to year after year, and I just miss it every year, so I couldn't have been happier that she wanted to do her senior pictures in a blooming orchard. 

I just had to share photos of Jane's Signature Book that came with the senior picture collection that she chose. I am a firm believer of printing your photos. Keeping your photos on a USB or on the computer doesn't do anything for you. You can't enjoy them and others can't either. Getting your photos made into stunning albums, prints, wall hanging, etc. is the only way to enjoy and get the most out of the photos that you paid good money for. You and many generations after you will be able to enjoy your photos and cherish them for a lifetime. You can't do that with digital photos. 

Check out this beautiful album of Jane's senior session! Past clients contact me if you would like to print your photos, or if you would like your session put into a stunning album! 

Miss Lexee | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

This pretty lady was my last 2017 senior of the year! I can't believe it's already over, but I can't wait to start photographing the class of 2018! I will be booking the class of 2018 starting June 1st so make sure you book your session this summer. Summer is my favorite time of the year to photograph because of the endless possibilities of locations, so much greenery, and beautiful weather. 

I think Miss Lexee was the perfect end to the class of 2017. She was so fun to work with. Love my seniors!! 

Josh | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

You guys! I am in love with this session!! I don't do very many male senior pictures, but when I do- they are on. point! haha. It was so much fun photographing this guys. The last time I saw him I was babysitting him and his siblings and he was like 4 or 5 years old! I can't believe that I am now taking his senior pictures. Time flies! 

Enjoy this fun soccer session that i'm in love with!! 

Remember class of 2018, I will be booking for next year starting June 1st! The summer before your senior year is not too early to get your senior pictures done. Summer is my favorite time of the year to photograph seniors. Locations are endless, weather is perfect, and much greener and in bloom than spring. So get your session book with me during the summer! You won't regret it:) 

Miss Ally | Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

This girl is so beautiful inside and out! I had a blast taking her senior pictures in downtown Provo. Provo has so many fun little locations that you can find that make each session unique. 

Ally is so fun and is just the sweetest little thing! haha. I absolutely love my seniors, you guys are the best! I keep saying seniors are such a fun age, and I am so lucky to be able to get to know them and be inspired by them. They help me still feel young;) 

Become a WBP senior this coming year! I will start booking the Class of 2018 starting June 1st so don't miss out! Summer is my favorite time of the year to take senior pictures because of the endless options of locations. Spring is beautiful, but the weather is flaky and not as green as summer is, so get your senior pictures done this summer!! 

Kiley + Bryce | Couples Photography | Utah Photographer

Can I just say how much fun photographing couples is?! It almost makes me want to become a wedding photographer so that I can do more...but not quite;) haha. 

Kiley and her husband are just the cutest couple and were cracking me up the whole session! I worked with Kiley a couple years ago and she got voted "class clown" because there is never a dull moment when she is around! She is the funnest! 

Enjoy this fun session and their adorable fur children:) 

Miss Lyndsey | Senior Photos | Utah Photographer

How fun is this girl?! I am loving her unique style that she wears so confidently. The best part of photographing high school seniors is that they are not afraid to have fun and be themselves. I just love the senior age and love getting to know them and what they have planned for their future. I bet you would never guess that this girl builds houses! I was completely shocked when her mom started bragging about her! She is in the middle of building a home from the ground up right now and I couldn't be more impressed! She also has volunteered in their world countries. This girl is going somewhere! 

My amazing hair and makeup artist Sadie Ross did her fun hair and beautiful makeup for this shoot! Doesn't her lip color just make those pretty blue eyes pop?! Don't forget to get your hair and makeup done for your senior photos! 

Miss Madeline | Utah Photographer | LDS Baptism Photos

Turning 8 years old is such a special time in a childs life, especially if you are LDS. I can remember when I was younger that my 8th birthday was my favorite birthday growing up. I can't tell you exactly why, but maybe because choosing for yourself to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is such a big deal. You feel important and like you have made a lot of people proud of you at such a young age. 

Madeline has such a sweet spirit and it definitely shines through! She totally killed her baptism photo shoot! Congratulations on your baptism day pretty girl!