Hello there! 

I am Whitney, and I could ramble off on how I am a mom to two energizer bunnies, and how their sweet giggles make my world spin. Or how I am a sugar addict, and my husband is the chocolate to my soul, but what I want to tell you is what I am most passionate about in my business, and that is, simply capturing genuine connections between the ones you love the most, and the importance of tangible heirlooms. 


I am not going to take you to a location that means nothing to you, and pose you like robots while I make a fool of myself trying to get a smile. What I am going to do, is capture your natural, genuine, priceless interactions between the ones you love in your humble abode. 

I am not going to give you digital files to die and slow death on your USB, or if in an impressive case, they make it onto your computer. I will though, give you tangible heirloom products to be displayed beautifully around your home for you and those you invite into your home to ooo and awe over. 

I am not here to brag that I have been featured in a few different photography blogs, the newspaper, and that i'm a photographer for a popular boutique. What I do want to brag about is, the experience I am going to create for you that will make you realize the importance of slowing life down and making each little part of this life a moment you want to hold onto forever. Let me freeze memories before your eyes to cherish for decades. 

Life is too precious not to capture what really matters, often. 

Contact me, I can't wait to give you an experience you will hold onto forever!